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About Amelia Street

Our Vision

It is our vision that each student will be meaningfully engaged with their learning activities in order to have their academic, communication, behavioral, and  social needs met through inclusive opportunities in the school environment and local community.

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide educational programs that give students opportunities to develop communication, functional, behavioral, and social emotional skills that contribute to necessary life activities and students are able to return back to their comprehensive school for those particular students.  The staff will work closely with parents and community agencies to ensure the continuum of supports and resources that allow students to access school- and community-based services promoting inclusive environments.

Amelia Street is a unique specialty school within Richmond City Public Schools that serves students ages 5-21 with significant intellectual disabilities as well as students with behavioral and emotional challenges. Comprehensive therapies are incorporated daily into each students' instructional program. For students at Amelia Street, instruction focuses on adapted curriculum, social emotional and behavioral strategies to meet the needs of each individual student. Our students have intellectual disabilities, complex health and intense behavioral needs and instruction includes increasing appropriate behavioral skills, social skills and improving quality of life. Amelia Street follows a three-tiered approach to learning. It is based on aligned standards of learning, communication training, as well as functional life skills. Students benefit from small group settings as well as individualized learning sessions. High-quality instruction incorporates integrated assistive technology as well as speech, occupational and physical therapies. By fostering an active learning environment that provides safety, security, dignity and respect for students, Amelia Street's goal is to maximize each child’s potential. 


1961 (Exceptional Education facility since 1974)


Literacy through ASOLs, SOLs, Community Based Instruction, pre-vocational training, recreational/leisure, integrated therapy services, and behavioral and social emotional learning skills. 


"Expect the Best!"


Students with and without disabilities, ages 5-21 who displays a pattern of behavior challenges.