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Learning Labs

Learning Labs

Looking for something new, innovative, educational and just plain fun for your students with Low Incidence disabilities? If so, we are your go-to source. We have just opened up a pre-vocational center and a school store especially for these students! Our learning labs are adapted to meet the needs of this very special population while incorporating ASOL and Applied Studies Diploma objectives. Come see us! Take a new idea back to your school!

Pre-vocational Lab

task room

Station Descriptions:

Station 1: Shredding and paper recycling

Station 2: Aluminum can recycling (can crush)

Station 3: Sorting recyclables - plastic, metal and paper

Station 4: Sorting Center (objects, pictures, words)

Station 5: Stamp It! Stamping bakery logos on pastry bags; sequencing steps 

Station 6: Read All About It! (Literacy station centering around Community Helpers and jobs people do)

Station 7: Pre-culinary activities - Filling salt and pepper shakers; scooping and pouring ingredients into a bowl  

Station 8: Greeting cards activity (stocking, matching, sorting)

Station 9: Weight and measurement center

Station 10: Clerical station - Sorting and filing materials in a filing cabinet

Station 11: Fidget center -Using "tools"; fine motor skill practice with latches, nuts, and bolts

Eagles Nest Store

*Most work stations contain reading materials that can be used to support the activities featured at the site as well as enhance basic literacy.

Featured Stations (click for descriptions):

Station 1 - Healthy Eating

Station 2 - Grocery Shopping

Station 3 - Shopping Carts

Station 4 - Measurement and Math

Station 5 - Toys and Treats

Station 6 - What to Wear?

Station 7 - Shoes, Hats and Clothing

Station 8 - Trinkets and Tiaras

Station 9 - Sensory

Station 10 - Fruits, Veggies, & Eggs

Station 11 - Cold Zone

Station 12 - Ice Cream 

Station 13 - Checkout

Station 14 - Deli Delights